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About Solaire

Solaire Sa is a Gauteng based manufacturer of plug and play solar and battery backup systems, we source equipment that meets the demands in the South African environment. South Africa has challenges in power security, we provide a quick and expandable solution to keep you out of the dark when power outages hit your neighbourhood or if you just want to save on your monthly electrical bill.

Why an Inverter?

When talking about mobile power solutions, someone always tries to make the correlation between an inverter and a generator. An inverter can be explained as “a generator that uses the battery as its fuel tank”.  An inverter system is easily able to replace any power supplier, with the use of sufficient solar panels. The long-term benefits of such an investment require no justification. With our FCS K5 range, which is a modular system, you can add additional units as your demand increases (to a maximum of six units) providing for up to a total of 24000 W. Our products enable you to commence on a smaller more inexpensive scale and to increase the size and efficiency of your system should your needs require. This ensures you will never have to sell your inverter to buy a bigger one.


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Our Range Of Products

Battery Backup Systems

These units use an off grid inverter utilising the Utility power to charge and maintain batteries. This will automatically supply the load when the power is interrupted.

Solar Ready Battery Systems

The unit consists of all the same switchgear as the battery backup systems, what is added is the ability to add solar panels to the mix.


This is exactly the same as the Solar ready system, the key difference is that the inverter is able to split the source power and use whichever is best at the time.


Canadian Solar‘s modules use the latest innovative cell technology, increasing module power output and system reliability, ensured by 15 years of experience in module manufacturing.

Brackets & Frames

All solar panel mounting systems are available for any kind of roof.


Lithium Ion Batteries and AGM (Gel) batteries are available.


Cabling, connectors, fuses, breakers, changeovers and all solar related accessories.

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Some Of Our Products

Making Solar Accessible

It is really hard to sift through the info out there when trying to get your home or office on to solar power, with load shedding and other power problems, it is becoming very important to secure your power needs now.  With this in mind we have created a simple and affordable system to get you into the world of producing your own power quickly and effectively.

We introduce the Solaire Solar backup System. The product comprises of a custom designed cabinet that houses an inverter, and all the switching and fuses required to connect to a battery backup and solar panels of various sizes. The cabinet is simply mounted in your home, Utility power connected and then your load is connected.

We have different sizes and specification to meet your budget and power demands.
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