Why I cannot quote in comments on the Facebook Page

8th May 2020 0 By SolaiRe_SA

We regularity post about current and completed installations to show our potential clients what we do and what is available.

Every time a post goes up, we are inundated with requests for pricing and more info, this is great and we relish the opportunity to inform and expand our client base.

We understand that Facebook and other social media platforms are an introduction to our services only, and only on a one on one basis with in depth consultation can we get to the stage of finalizing an installation. The variables in deciding what system is required and how it will be applied are vast. Things like, the roof space available, and what kind of bracketing is required, the space for the plant installation, the existing electrical installation and weather or not it is compliant with regulations are just a few of them. These are not generally questions that can be answered on this platform, or by unqualified individuals.

The system we eventually quote you on is done taking these things into consideration so that we can guarantee the final product and that you can get what you expect out of the product.

By quoting a price directly to comments on a facebook post, we will create a situation where expectations cannot be met. Unless a specific product is asked for, we cannot quote a price in a public forum.

All enquireries will be dealt with in the same manner, We will answer all and any questions you have. But in order to do so we will require more details about what your needs are and this will be done one to one.

If you require a system to be designed and installed for you, please feel free to contact us directly at 0117621130 or mail us at info@solairesa.co.za.

We look forward to helping you on your way to producing your own electricity!