Minister Mantashe’s Immediate Measures

10th Dec 2019 0 By SolaiRe_SA

Minister Mantashe has announced immediate steps that will be taken in the short and medium term. (Source: News 24) Click here to read article

These steps include the removal of red tape for Independent Power Producers (IPP’s) to start supplying the grid.

What does this mean to us? Well we believe that this will pave the way for a home owner to produce power using a solar array, the excess power that is produced can be fed back into the grid and your energy account will be credited. In essence it means that we can boost the power supply in the country and use utility power when solar production is lowered. This means that those producing power will effectively not pay for the power that they use.

This is very exciting indeed!

So, what will you need to become an IPP? Firstly you will need to install a solar array on your roof, next, you will need an inverter that is able to match the frequency of the national supply and feed back excess power into the grid.

If the minister’s steps are followed through, this will all happen very quickly. This is the most positive move that has been shown by Government to mitigate this crisis.

Solaire have built systems that are ready for this at the touch of a button. All clients that have installed a Hybrid system can simply activate the mode and will be an IPP instantly. The future is exciting indeed!


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